Legend tells of a pack of dogz living in the shadows of the blockchain. Each dog has a seat at the table of the 5 families, and with it, the key to controlling the digital underworld

I don’t know how you found us, but here you are…

We’re a secret society of 8000 Dank Dogz, controlling the blockchain from the shadows.

No one dog is the same, we each have our own unique personalities and are copyright free.

You got a problem with that?

We are many, we are one, we are dank…

There are 8,000 Dank Dogz and every one is unique. From sunglasses, to tank tops, to ear piercings and hats – you’re sure to find your perfect Dank Dog to adopt.

Here’s what the dogz are offering…

Our community is made up of awesome Dank Dogz owners. Becoming an owner means you help set the direction for the next generation of Dank Dogz (Gen2).

There’s also the chance to win loads of perks, including Dank Dogz sticker sheets, custom tees and even custom sneakers featuring your own Dank Dog.

We’re building a thriving, fun, active community of dog loving NFT lovers …JOIN US!

WIN custom sneakers with your own Dank Dog printed on them. Show your Dank Dog off to the world – in style!

Development of the Dogz of the Shadows Metaverse Game begins once we hit a 75% adoption rate.

Stickers, tees, merch! Regular competitions for Dogz owners means you could win something different every time!

Holders get to design the second generation of Dank Dogz!

Meet the dogz handlers…

We’re a small but dedicated team, committed to all things blockchain and a love of dogs.


With a love of all things blockchain and things that go woof, it made sense for Chrissy to helm the project.


M@zzer is our blockchain developer whizz. She created this site and the smart contract used to adopt dogz.


UK-artist RANKo is the one who brought the dogz to life, using his 20+ years of creative expertise.

The dogz have plans…

Here’s what they have in store for the future.

The big launch of Generation 1 of Dank Dogz on this website and on Twitter!
Our first competition will be sneaker, tee and sticker drops to lucky owners drawn at random.
Our second competition will be a truly unique pair of golden dogz high-top sneakers, pin badges and custom gifts to lucky owners drawn at random.
Once we hit 75% adoption rate, we'll be working on our very own metaverse game in The Sandbox! Play as your adopted dog to hunt for prize-winning bonez!
Generation 2 will be released and will feature dogz designed by Generation 1 owners, meaning that owners get to set the direction for the project.
30% of Gen 2 proceeds will be donated to Dogs Trust Worldwide. Dogs Trust's mission is working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.